This is my third series with a concentration on children. Like most of my paintings the thoughts and emotions are built up in layers. As in life many of us never see the layers of personal experience and past acts that culminate in who a person truly is. Many times the surface is a mask hiding those experiences, but the past continues to resonate and shape the present. Each layer of my paintings is its own. The final painting is a combination of emotions and experiences whether they be abstract or defined, ethereal or palpable. A small line or symbol that alone may have some transcendent meaning combines to the total idea. The“Children” series continue to grapple with family and circumstance and memories of emotion and looming adulthood; an end to a sometimes fantasy of childhood in a world that is not so innocent.

“I like the combination of an abstract retro background combined with an impressionistic-like figure and a special sense of muted soothing color”
– Paul Edelstein

- Shelley Hopkins


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