This is a series of paintings inspired by poems and poets. Shelley’s husband, Paul, is frequently inspired to write a poem about the paintings by Shelley, and Shelley is often inspired to paint by one of her husband’s poems. Below is a sample of some of the works and poems that correspond, as well as, paintings inspired by some of the great poets. Shelley and Paul hope to publish a book of paintings and poems soon.

"The World Is Round"

24 x 30

mixed media

"Boy of Summer"

oil on canvas
48 x 54

The Boy of Summer

Another winter is broken by spring
Known as a constant by some
To a child can be an uncertain thing
Yet the boy of summer has come

Sleeping on a shelf, the glove and ball
through winter have survived
Although another waits the edge of fall
The boy of summer has arrived

The grass has greened, after a wait so long
and the Yanks have taken the field
The birds born of spring bring forth their song
as the season's fate is sealed

While he sits on this new throne of grass
His subjects laying by his side
He is oblivious that all the summers will pass
As quick as a blink of the eye

And one day many summers away
He finds he no longer looks forward
But back to that original day
And how his spirit soared


oil on canvas
48 x 54



Who among you will climb the hill?

We three together will charge the peak
Facing the unexpected
Toward unknown dangers, the summit seek
Each the protector and the protected

Umbrellas like a shield by side
From rain like sorrow guards
So each in turn, turns the time
To reveal the reasured stars

And boots as footed gauntlets
At times may appear as folly
But in the lengthening fall of droplets
Step onwards and ever to glory

So when we three crest that height
that some say is too high to climb
As one we will leap into flight
Brothers to the end of time

"Top Hat with Flowers"

oil on canvas
40 x 30


The day I fell will long be remembered
By others better than I
For the mind can be bothered by a blow
To blacken the light of the eye

Clarity of the moment cannot be found
Though not for lack of seeking
It has disappeared in a foggy shroud
A memory must be in keeping

The passage of time cannot be blamed for this loss
For to lose one must own
And although the flesh was there at the time
The mind had mirthfully flown

In a house of sage on a floor of age
Old hat on young head did own
A smile so bright charged the night
And the bolt was savagely sown

While the heavenly haze of that eve does claim
The memory so blurred and banded
The elephant on an island displays
The luckiest has yet landed.

"Of Tides and Times"

oil on canvas
48 x 36
gallery wrap


Of tides and times
Of soft dune climbs

An unseen moon can wax and wane

Pulling on my repentant soul
Taking always its remorseless toll

A reminiscence to soothe, to be sane

The previous crossings of the water and sand
By choice or unduly dragged from this land

I glimpse the distant shore

They call to me from when they could
A whisper on the swells misunderstood

I turn and am no more

Of castles carefully construed of grains
Of listless vessels and porous seines

This beach, this place, that time

But the apathetic moon revolves unset
Turns and burns ‘til I regret

Their end, before mine



oil on canvas
24 x 30



72 x 72







oil on canvas
24 x 30





Copyright © 2008-2010 Shelley Hopkins. All rights reserved